We have an obligation and opportunity to seize this moment and advance a new paradigm for education, one that will break down the silos between the classroom, college and career. Our goal is to champion high-quality pathways to help students and young adults advance far more seamlessly from K-12 schools through post-secondary education and then to careers and future success. We believe that this paradigm has the potential to create a system that is far more effective and efficient at preparing students for their chosen careers.

We are a national coalition of leaders from education, business, government and the Civil Rights Community convinced that our current education is failing to prepare most students for success, and that we urgently need to develop a more efficient, effective and equitable approach.

We believe there are common sense solutions to advance these pathways from the classroom to college to careers that have bi-partisan support and are already being implemented in states across the political spectrum.

To bring this initiative to life and marshal the support of federal policymakers, we have formed a diverse National Pathways Coalition comprised of prominent leaders in sectors vital to this effort, including business, education, government, the civil rights community, non-profits and students and young adults. Our leadership committee includes:

  • Prominent business organizations such as the Business Roundtable, State Business Executives and U.S. Chamber of Commerce as well as major companies.
  • Key educational organizations including the Education Commission of the States, the Teachers and Principals Unions, and Pathways innovators like the National Academies Foundation.
  • Government, political leaders, and other key federal agencies, leading Democratic and Republican members of Congress, and Governors who have championed pathways initiatives as well as the National Governors Association.
  • Leading Civil Rights Organizations including The Education Trust.
  • The student/youth voice will be included with the assistance of major youth groups.