Headshot of Amanda Antico

Amanda Antico


Amanda Antico is a social entrepreneur and consultant with  vast experience as an  educational and organizational development strategist. Amanda is is also a veteran of marketing and business development. Her more than 30 years of career experience is devoted to creating and sustaining entrepreneurial and innovative communities. Amanda began her career as a Director at AAHE, expanding the TLT Roundtable program to 700 universities around the country. After earning a doctorate in social impact Amanda has taken a consistent, theory-meets-practice, evidence-based approach to innovative impact. She has founded, cofounded, and led multiple social-impact organizations, including two public benefit corporations (PBCs). She has a deep, abiding confidence in the ability of economic enterprise to drive societal change, and has helped dozens of companies pursue their goals with discipline and purpose.

In 2015, Amanda founded EvolvED Global: a competency based education company that connects and educates impact investors, academic talent, practitioners, and experienced mentors to substantially increase the success rate of social enterprises. In her role at EvolvED Consulting, which is the consulting side of EvolvED, she leads a team of social engineers who serve as the market catalyst to connect the doers, educators and policy makers from both the for-profit and nonprofit community with one another.

Amanda teaches at the Graduate School of Education at the University of Pennsylvania.